Slow fashion in pink.

If some times you feel like pink, do it with sustainable design and organic fabrics. This Ecoology collection is been made in local workshops and factories near Barcelona and hand crafted in our studio. The fabrics are environmental respectful like seaweed and organic cotton.

Ropa online ecologica. Moda en Pink

To the right: Mimi Top made in pale pink. Sexy back. Mimi Dress made in seaweed fabric. For everyday looks. Pink heart tank top in organic cotton. For all occasions. Sold only at the showroom. Strawberry Top in pale pink and shoulder detail. Perfect with shorts and pants. Sea Blouse in seaweed fabric. For sexy nights wear it alone. For everyday look wear it with skirts and shorts. Strawberry dress in pale pink and red belt. So fresh for summer days. Pink heart tank top in black organic cotton. Your best friend, wear it with anything! Sold only at the showroom. Ecoology. Slow Fashion Brand Showroom C/Urgell 28 Bajos interior 08011 Barcelona

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