How to be more eco. Good eco-friendly mentality


How to be more eco-friendly

Here we have some tips full of good intentions on how to be more eco in our day by day.

We can always be more conscious, more eco, recycled more, reuse… but let’s be sincere, we life in a spoiled world and we enjoy having new things. Just keep in mind this tips every time you want to buy something.

Million dollar question. Do I really need it?

I normally fall in love with several thing every time I go whopping, what can I do? I see all those beautifull things arround me and I want to take them home with me, but stop, tis is not very healthy for my visa and not eighter for the environment.

So ask yourself seriously if you really need that amazing bag, shoes, dress or whatever is catch your eye and answer with you heart. Normally I end up leaving that at the same place I found it. This can be apply in every single purchase decision you make and will help you to consume less in every way. For me it is a great challenge. I am a declared shopaholic but it works.

Where is it coming from? Be curious.

This is to apply on every purchase either veggies or a handbag, and that is something I have long ago on my head. Why buy products that travel thousands of miles to end up in my closet or on my table? Sometimes it’s pure fancy, we all know it’s much better to eat seasonal and local products. We must look at the labeling to know that is made of and where it comes from. Just by looking at the label you get so much information, just make sure that there is no slavery in the production chain. That is really sad, don’t you think?

Buy in small local businesses.

Okay, buy at the grocery and department stores is cheaper and easier, but in the small shops in my neighborhood I find higher quality than in supermarkets. Doing so, we help small local shops to continue their business and they are more kind to customers, that I like the most.















Betting on organic clothing, vintage and upcycling.

I prefer to buy higher-quality garments made from organic fabrics. It shows in the touch, my skin feel happier and ecofashion just last longer. Raw materials are obtained respecting the environment and of course people. Another decision in which I go over winning.

Vintage clothing is always a good option to get yourself dressed with style and the best part, usually is exclusive, so you can feel so special too.

I’m getting into the Upcycling mood too, just discovering designers that make unique pieces from scratch, making new things from oldies is a lot of fun, inspiring and so original too.

Close the tap

I’m one of those that forget to close the tap water, but I’m trying my best to save that precious good and I’m improving a lot.

Rather shower than taking a bath, ok taking a bath is so relaxing but there are no global benefits and you can feel as good eating a organic chocolate bar, don’t you think?

Same with lights at home. Just say, I can’t be in all the rooms at the same time, so turn off the ones you are not inn. Also all the electronic stuff we got, turn off when is not usable. Again good for the environment, good for you, you’ll save some pennies too.

The well known “Use public transport”

So, park the car, and get yourself a bike, better a nice vintage bike and walk more, this is a great habit for your health and the environment. Ask yourself why you should get a new bike if there are tons waiting for a new nice owner?

This is getting easier now that big cities are becoming bike friendly.














Consuming more eco certified products.

A few years ago I discovered the ECOBOL for washing machine and since then my laundry mentality has change. I spent so much time reading the labels of the home cleaning products and now I know which are worth buying. I  use eco-friendly washing for my clothes and also form me, shampoo and body wash waist go into the water every day, imagine how many toxics are going in the water. Scary eh?

Organic food is part of my shopping, is a healthy habit for me and the planet as they contain no harmful pesticides and have respected the natural cycles of the planet. Many people complaints about the high prices of the organic food, just look around your nearest fresh food market and you’ll be surprised how many are already selling average organic food.

Use less paper

Stop printing all kinds of crap and documents that will end up in your trash, it’s not necessary. But if you still need to use the printer, use and reuse recycled paper.

Stop receiving document letters and open account online of all your suppliers, that’s easy.

Don’t throw away the gifts papers and cases, reuse them for any other occasion, you’ll probably use it faster than you think.


So what do you do to be more eco? Do you know more good habits?

The Fashion Revolution has started

The Fashion Revolution

Here it comes again, the Fashion Revolution Day, Friday April 24, be part in the Revolutionary Runway at Plaza de La Gardunya, in the heart of Barcelona, ​​just behind the Boqueria market.

FRD Barcelona. Sustainable Fashion Barcelona

In the newly opened plaza, we have a date with all those who dream with the sustainable fashion. We will see the fashion proposals coming from brands and designers who are committed to ethical fashion and use organic, recycled, handmade and natural fabrics, in a different walkway enclosed in the Raval, ending at the MACBA square. We expect many surprises, but mostly we hope to make consumers aware that another way of doing fashion is possible and within reach of the majority.

During this impromptu parade we wonder Who made my chothes? This is the slogan launched by Fashion Revolution trying to create awareness to want to know more about where are the things we buy coming from. We want to know under what conditions have our clothes been made, the garments we buy and we wear every day, if wages are worthy, if we are contributing to the misery and poverty in some countries.

Sustainable and ethical fashion is the answer. Making sustainable clothing we strive to improve the history of these people, having a decent job to help them succeed in life. At the end of the day we all want to be happy and live a good life, even in the remotest places where most of our clothes are made.

Do you want to participate in this unprecedented street walkway ?, come on Friday April 24 at the Plaza de la Gardunya to 18H and see Sustainable Fashion Live!

Here’s the Facebook event

And if you want to join the challenge #whomademyclothes, and question the brands you use Who made my clothes?, check out this post and be part of the #FashionRevolution.

Do you join the Revolution of Fashion?

Fashion Revolution Day


April 24th is the Fashion Revolution Day

Fashion Revolution Day. Association Barcelona sustainable fashion

The Fashion Revolution is just around the corner, so from Sustainable Fashion Barcelona we launched the challenge #whomademyclothes. We wonder who makes the clothes we wear.

We don´t want any slavery in fashion, son we turn our clothes inside out and ask the brands who make our clothes, this is our way to reclaim our right to know as consumers from where are the things we buy and how are they made.

So, come on, join the Fashion Revolution Challenge

It’s easy and fun,

-Choose one garment you like and wear it, grab your cellphone or camera and hit the REC button.

-Say your name and that you are joining the challenge Who made my clothes .

-Ask the brand you made your clothes “Who made my clothes?”

-Turn your clothes inside out and name three people you would like to challenge to make the same question.

-Is almost ready ; )

-Share your video on your social networks, but don’t forget to tag the brand you have chosen, and tag the people you named to make it viral, just tag #retomodasostenible and #whomademyclothes to keep it going on.

Do you want more sustainable fashion? just join #whomademyclothes challenge!!

Sustainable eco-friendly sales

I don’t know about you, but whenever I shop the sales I usually return home with clothes that I don’t really want or need, instead of what I went out to find. Then, when I try the garments on at home, I realize they don’t fit and I don’t truly like them!

To avoid this, this year I decided to make a “mental” list of best practices when you buy “bargains”. Today I wanted to share this with you, in order to help you shop the winter sales sustainable and efficiently.


  • First of all, before leaving your house, examine your wardrobe and analyze what you have and, most importantly, what you need. It is then extremely useful to make a list of the things that you lack –usually basics– and promise yourself that during the sales you will only buy what appears on your list.
  • Another thing to ask yourself is, would you buy the garment if it was not on sale. If the answer is no, then you probably should not buy it. If the answer is yes and your budget allows, then buy it. Don’t hesitate, that garment has your name on it!
  • Sales are also the perfect time to acquire basics of quality and timeless design that will help you to create a top-notch wardrobe. Surely in your list of needs there are skinny pants, a black dress or a white shirt. If you buy something, make sure it is made from fabrics of good quality and, if possible, organic fabrics.

who made my clothes

  • Who made my clothes? Before buying a garment look on the label to see where it has been manufactured. I encourage you to take advantage of sales to buy clothes that have been produced respecting the rights of workers. And there’s nothing that feels better than wearing something that has been created with love and good vibes.
  • Also, during the sale season, it is easy to be dazzled by super sales, before returning home with your purchases to discover that they are not machine washable or have to be dry cleaned. I recommend buying clothes that are easy to maintain, as you will surely get more use out of them.
  • Finally, a practice that has been phenomenal for me is online shopping. I think it is a very good alternative that helps you to avoid temptation, focus only on what you need, and also avoid crowds and travel.

Here I propose some basics from Ecoology, that if they are not in your closet yet, now is the time to incorporate them. More discounts? Impossible! And the quality, as always, comes first ☺

Eco friendly tencel topWhite tencel basic tee

eco fashion sales Lylli bamboo dress

 Black bamboo Lylli dress

eco friendly fashion sales bamboo leggins

Bamboo and organic cotton Forest Leggings 

organic cotton pants on sale 

Organic cotton black pants in two fabrics


bamboo Mott jacket on sale

Bamboo and organic cotton Mott jacket

Organic cotton Poppy jacket on salePoppy gray lady look jacket

Happy sale!

Ecofashion & ecofriendly fashion week


Ecofashion, Ecofriendly

Next April 19-24, Vancouver hosts a new edition of Eco Fashion Week.

EFW is not only a place to present the upcoming season trends but it also focuses its attention on seminars, talks and lectures about sustainability, environmental awareness and methods to improve the practice of fashion design and production with an ecological conscience. EFW’s main goal is to raise awareness in the field of sustainable fashion.

Ecofashion Ecofriendly

In its eighth edition, Eco Fashion Week informs and inspires designers, manufacturers and customers about conscious and sustainable fashion, which balances beauty and the environment. EFW seeks designers as well as local and international manufacturers who incorporate ecological aspects to their production process. Fashionable ties made of a cardboard-like material will not be awkward anymore.

ELEGANT corbata ecologica

Seminars, debates… It’s not just another fashion event. This summit is meant as a step-by-step introduction into a fashion industry change of scenario where designers, manufacturers and customers are all part of it. We all have our fair share of responsibility for the future of the planet we live in and the chance of taking an active part in this evolution is in our hands.

Textile production is one of the largest industries in the world. The impact it has on the environment is extremely big and complex. At first sight, it is obvious what a large quantity of water and electrical power is involved in its elaboration as well as the fuel needed for its transportation.

Ecofashion shows

Textile industries use different chemical products in their processes such as dyes, finishers, detergents, softeners and many more. And through these different processes they also generate a large amount of wastewater containing residues, which require a specific treatment before being released into nature.

Nowadays, generally speaking, most of us have a stronger environmental conscience and gradually, both industries and consumers are deeply aware of their corporate and social responsibility.

“Eco-friendly” and “eco-fashion” are terms we will get used to hearing quite often as more and more manufacturers, designers, buyers and the whole fashion industry is aware of the impacts this production is having on our planet’s “health”. A deeper debate must be held in this sense and Eco Fashion Week greatly contributes to it.

The promotion of ecological or sustainable fashion, bringing back fabrics at the end of their lives: There is still a lot to talk about these issues and we still need a lot of answers.

On 30 and 31 January we will be in Eslow Market, the first sustainable and ecofashion outlet Barcelona

outlet moda sostenible eslow market

When we talk about sustainability in the fashion industry we refer to the processes of design, production, transportation and even garment care in the hands of the consumer, but what about the rest of stocks that season after season we hold in our workshops?

While it is true that Ecoology’s collections are timeless (meaning that if a season is stocks in the warehouse, they are able to sell the next year without too much trouble), or have enough space to store it, or we like to see our clothes “stop “or -to be true- passionate about selling clothes from one year to another, and that what we really enjoy is creating new designs, which is what allows us to evolve.

Organic clothing outlet

Therefore we did not think even two minutes when a few weeks ago we proposed join Eslow Market, the first pop-up store about sustainable fashion Barcelona at discounted prices, which aims precisely to sell the rest of season sustainable fashion brands and offer them to consumers at a lower price. Thus, it greatly reduces the waste sector, it facilitates access to sustainable fashion to many more people and also sensitizes and disclosed to the company’s organic clothing and proximity production.

We are pleased also to share space with brands like Miu Sutin, RebelrootMöethika, Pure Green ApparelDel TravésOut of Office o I Belive in Dreams And of course for the little one’s too with brands like BastidaPerfect Days, Kupukupukids,Biobuu o Kiraw.

Eslow Market will take place on 30 and 31 January at Coshop new collaborative store, a project of local fashion designers, has just opened at C/Sant Pere mes Baix,  42 of Barcelona.

ecological clothing outlet

We love being part of this initiative as well as helping reduce Ecoology’s waste and to take full advantage of our creations, allows us to collaborate with the group of Eslow Market, composed of some members of Sustainable Fashion Barcelona (entity which are also part) and aims to carry out ephemeral initiatives that facilitate access for buying clothes made under ethical and fair principles. Great idea!

Save the date!

Eco Fashion clothing made of Tencel

Eco Fashion clothing made of Tencel

Tencel is one of our favorite fabrics for their high degree of sustainability and low impact on the use of energy and natural resources, is also completely biodegradable, and that we love. TENCEL ® is a trademark owned by the Austrian Lenzing Fibers and fiber used to create this fabric called Lyocell.



Lyocell is made from natural cellulose pulp wood from sustainable eucalyptus tree plantations in certified farms, created by nanotechnology processes in which it is recovered or all solvents and emissions decompose. A totally organic process in which the solvents are recovered and used hardly any waste.




Obtaining this tissue is highly sustainable and environmentally friendly because it owes its good reputation. In addition to its eco and sustainable nature, Tencel has many other advantages that will make you fall in love with this fabric, its rich color due to the high absorbency of its fibers and high breathability make it ideal for an endless array of garments.




It is excellent for the most sensitive skin giving a feeling of lightness, softness and comfort. Its fibers are very smooth and resistant so Tencel garments remain wrinkle free and last longer.


tencel treat colours


Like all natural and organic fabrics, care and cleaning will determine the durability of the garment, these tissues should be washed in short programs with cold water to remain with us for long. Use soft and non-aggressive detergent washes, better if they have the eco label or are organic soap, better air drying, no drying will make your favorite garment will last for long.


washing sustainable clothes


When board, also will choose the gentle cycle. It is very easy to remember, an ecological fabric wants to be treated well, smoothly and without any aggression, just like you would like it. Ecoology.


Eco friendly tees for all year arround


Eco Friendly t-shirts

Who does not have a whole drawer dedicated to the shirt, the garment that accompanies us in all seasons, the t-shirt is and will be one of the most used items by mean and women. They come in all shapes and colors, fabrics, finishes, basics and complicated ones… in my case I have dozens and keep them for many years, some are over 10 years old!

moda ecológica de bambu


This is one of my favorites for this year, forest green with rear opening. Suitable for work and a basic with style, made to last in soft bamboo fabric.

However even if you keep them save like gold, many of these prized jewels deteriorate rapidly, some in the first wash lose their shape and color. Is it the poor quality of the fabric? Not using the right program in the washes? Well, sometimes both. If you want something to last you must be careful, short and soft wash in cold water, after all they are not full of dirt when we put in the washer.

Another thing to consider is the quality of the fabric, you know that I’m a big fan of organic clothing, natural materials are always in my wardrobe, and if they are organic much better. The biggest difference is in hand feel and smoothness, and if you care with love in each wash will still retain texture and color as when you first bought it.

The organic shirts are designed to last longer. A small investment in something that you appreciate, will last more seasons and you can wear them in summer and winter.


As I have been saying lately and based on my experience organic clothing last longer, so if you love t-shirts as much as I do and want to keep them year after year let me recommend you this ones made in ecological fabrics so you can enjoy them during winter and summer and next years too. The most popular this season are made of organic cotton, bamboo and Tencel.Top-tirantes-Tencel-con-bolsillo-f


If you like to combine clear tones, this option with ruffled side pocket is just made for you, wear it thousand times in different ways. In the picture combined with a black mini skirt made of organic cotton.


Moda ética y sostenible hecha con tejidos naturales y ecológicos.


And  if you prefer short sleeve, this ecological option made with Tencel jersey in black with triangular patch detail with side pockets. The blue patch is made of cupro and modal blend, a sustainable fabric made in a small family workshop, it feels like silk and is hand woven. They use only natural dying processes made with plant and flowers. Super soft and super natural.


Camiseta ecológica de bambú Aubergine


This eco friendly top suitable for Normcore and simplicity lovers is soft and easy to wear, made in bamboo and organic cotton blend with wash finish and regular fit. You just to wear it all the time.




For unconditional stripes lovers, this t-shirt in green and gray with 3/4 sleeve and square cut is a real ” must” have. Wear it with your favorite jeans or mini skirt and boots. It is 100 % organic cotton with GOTS certified and now you can get it at very good price here.


Camiseta tencel negra y amarilla f

And to end this black shirt with ruffles on the shoulder in yellow and details on bass hand sewn. Handcrafted and ecological tee, another favorite to wear all year around. Made in Tencel, eucalyptus tissue, one of the most sustainable and ecological choices we have in the world of organic clothing, Ecoology.


Bcn Ethical Fashion Fest, first edition success!


Bcn Ethical Fashion Fest first edition success

We arrived early in the morning to riding the stands for the the big day, happy to see that the sustainable fashion festival that Barcelona  was clamoring for some years became a reality at last.  The Arts Santa Monica hosted the pop up and the big parade held on Saturday.

Bcn Ethical Fashion Fest

Doors open at 11 am, visitors are coming in. The audience greeted with curiosity and affection all the proposals from more than 30 brands and designers. They looked, touched and tried on the wide range of possibilities that are within ethical fashion.

We found the public claiming for change and appreciation of quality and good work  done from the beginning, very interested in manufacturing processes and especially in the materials that were the best ingredient to get more fans into the organic and sustainable fashion. When you touch a natural fabric and feel it on your skin, you want nothing more.

Desfile BEFF vestido de bambú Forest

During the show, one of the Ecoology proposals. Green dress made of bamboo in a social workshop that helps women at risk of social discrimination.

Del Traves BEFF

Del Través shows how the recycling of fabrics is one of the best ways to give a second chance to scraps and fabrics that end up being burned. Recycling is fashionable.

Vinginia rondee BEFF

Virginia Rondeel also committed in reusing materials or upcycling,  she transforms male pants in ultra-feminine pieces and of course unique.

Sylvia calvo BEFF

Sylvia Calvo and her coffee bags. Almost like haute  couture made with a humble coffee bag.

BEFF Carmen Doraa. Albert Armengol The singer Carmen Doraá offered their lyrics full of meaning and desire for change towards a better world. Another way to be sustainable, singing.

Asociación BEFF

The creative team of the Association for Sustainable Fashion from Barcelona during this first edition of Bcn Ethical Fashion Fest, happy to savor the prize to the effort.

Success is the most pronounced word during and after the event of sustainable fashion this past weekend. Happy faces, laughter, exhaustion and satisfaction while we collected the recycled cardboard stands assembled for the occasion. We returned home happy for the experience and great joy for the work of the entire team of the Association of Sustainable Fashion Barcelona.

Over 2700 people visited us during this weekend, all attracted by the new concept of “sustainable fashion” wanted to know and understand what is it that is making so much noise lately. Public response tells us that things are changing and will continue our work to make it so.

That is what encourages us to continue the endeavor to offer an alternative to conventional fashion which takes into action local production values, the use of sustainable materials, recycling materials and resources and the very important fact, to take responsibility for the supply chains and ensure that all people involved has a living wage and no child exploitation.

Photography : Jordi Costa, Albert Armengol & Fran Berbel

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